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Thursday, October 17th 2013, 3:05pm

New Hero menu, hero creation and hero development

Citizens of Aventuria!

As many veterans in the browser MMO Herokon Online already know, we have been working on some important changes in the Herokon Online gameplay. :thumbsup:

Teamplay has been implemented which we are enhancing this in the current patch: the mechanics of creating and developing the player’s hero characters have been updated and certain rules have been changed.

These changes are accompanied by updates in the character generation and character menus. In this thread we will explain the changes and include screenshots of the new menus.

The new character creation process

Character creation in the new system has been made easier, which allows players who have not yet experienced the “The Dark Eye” rule system to dive straight into the roleplay or combat action without spending a large amount of time on the “technical” details of their hero characters. :thumbup:

Players who prefer to individualize each aspect of their heroes manually can still do so, but not in the character creation process; this happens immediately after starting the game world (or at a later stage). We will provide more details below.

First, let’s look at the new “Select your hero” menu:

Not much has changed on this page, except that it displays some additional information on the hero selected (current location, number of available daily quests, currently active quests).

Clicking “Create hero” takes us to the hero creation menu. First change: “hero archetypes” are no longer available, so we have removed the button for the manual character creation, but the process of hero creation in the new system is identical for all players.

Players can choose a race (human, dwarf or elf), a profession (three professions are available per race) and a gender for the new hero on the first page of the hero creation. The same races and professions are available in the update as previously.

The next page introduces a new concept: “specialization”.
Different specializations are available for each profession there are (two or three, depending on the profession). Each hero must choose a specialization, and existing heroes (created before the current update) must choose a specialization immediately after they first log in to the new system (the selection menu pops up automatically).

The specializations affect three main areas: the equipment a newly created hero owns when starting a new game, the Special Abilities (and Spells if he is versed in Arcane Lore) a new hero starts the game with and the automatic allocation of Talent and Attribute Points for the primary and secondary Attributes and Talents specified by the selected specialization.

The points that are automatically allocated can be manually reassigned at any time, even shortly after starting in the game world. We will explain this in more detail in the next article in this thread.

You can find a list of all available specializations, their start weapons and primary Attributes here .

Once you have selected a specialization, we can continue to the final step of the hero creation:

Here, the portrait of the hero can be configured or randomly generated and given a name. A basic choice of elements (noses, beards, hairstyles, etc.) is available for the portrait free of charge and a wide selection of beautiful, wacky and interesting portrait options are available from the shop when the character is in the game! :thumbup:

:!: Experienced players and fans of the “The Dark Eye” rulebook may be wondering: where are the details of the character creation? How do I allocate Attributes, Talents, Special Abilities and Spells? What has happened to the GP (Generation Points) and AP (Adventure Points)?

A brief explanation:
- GP and AP do no longer exist in the new system in Herokon Online.
- Attributes can be increased using Attribute Points. A number of Attribute Points are available at the character creation stage, and more can be obtained at level-ups (but not with every level-up). Attribute Points are automatically allocated to the primary and secondary Attributes defined by the chosen specialization and can be manually reassigned once (see more detailed info about this in the next article).
- Talents can be increased using Talent Points. A number of Talent Points are available at the character creation stage and more can be obtained at level-ups. Talent Points are automatically allocated to the primary and secondary Talents defined by the chosen specialization and can be manually reassigned once (see more detailed info in the next article).
- Special Abilities available to a newly created hero are automatically allocated depending on his chosen specialization. Later in the game world Special Abilities can be learned from tutors and purchased with gold in the game.
- Spells available to a newly created hero versed in Arcane Lore are automatically allocated according to the player’s chosen specialization. They are organized similar to Special Abilities and more Spells can be learned from tutors in the game world and purchased with gold in the game.

These simplifications have improved the structure of the game mechanics, making it easier to understand for beginners, so even players new to Aventuria can immerse themselves in this fascinating roleplay universe.

Furthermore, the game is much easier to balance with the new system compared to the excessively complex old system, and new features can be implemented much more quickly.

:!: We understand that many fans of “The Dark Eye” are particularly attached to the rulebook for the large number of exceptions and special rules, but experienced Pen&Paper game masters often comment in fan forums that many of these exceptions and special rules are never used in practice. We agree, and the official “The Dark Eye” rulebook will also move in that direction in the next edition.

The question of how players can individualize a hero character in the new Herokon Online system still remains, and this will be explained in the next article.
- Nom rogolrun Barobarabba! -

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Thursday, October 17th 2013, 3:10pm

Citizens of Aventuria!

In this article we will introduce the new Hero menu and explain the basics of the new hero development mechanics. :thumbup:

The article explains how you can play with a great hero without detailed micromanagement (Attributes, Talent values, etc.), and how the new specialization system manages these items.

We will also explain how experienced players and fans of individual character optimization can manually change the Attribute and Talent Point allocation.

The new Hero menu – my hero and his Attributes and Talents

The new Hero menu combines the old hero sheet and the menus for Character Attributes, Talents, Special Abilities, Spells (for heroes versed in Arcane Lore), Achievements (heroic deeds) and Equipment. The menu can be opened by clicking the “Hero sheet” icon (head in the profile) in the mini menu on the top left of the game window.

Individual pages in the Hero menu can still be opened directly by hotkeys (e.g. “I” for opening the Inventory and Equipment page).

The character portrait is displayed in the center of first page in the new Hero menu.
At the bottom left we can see a full length image of the hero in his current equipment, with two sections displayed on the left: “Overview” and “Biography”.
In the “Overview” section players can change the name of the hero and the hero portrait, and can also select an honorary title to active, if he has one.

In the “Biography” section a description of the hero can be entered, that is visible to other players.

The “roleplay name” and age of the hero (as in the “old” menu) have been removed from the new Hero menu, as neither have had any effects in the game so far. We are planning to implement a “classic roleplay mode” in a later update where these concepts may be reinstated and even have implications in the gameplay.

[img] [/img]

The next page in the new Hero menu shows the basic data of the hero and his Attributes, and quite a few things have changed.

:!: On the Attribute page you can immediately see how many Attribute Points have been automatically allocated by the specialization selected, and to which Attributes the points have been assigned:
A number and a button are displayed on the bottom right. If this number is not ‘0’, at least one icon of an Attribute will be indicated with a yellow marker.

The number represents the number of Attribute Points that have been automatically allocated by the specialization (and therefore have not been allocated manually).
The yellow markers indicate the Attributes to which Attribute Points have been automatically assigned.

:!: In some cases a green up arrow or a red down arrow may be displayed next to the value of certain Attributes, which means that the relevant Attribute is temporarily increased or reduced by Equipment, Buffs or Debuffs.
Clicking the button on the bottom right disables the automatic allocation of Attribute Points (only for as long as the menu page is open), and the points can be assigned manually.

:!: Important: Manually allocated points remain fixed to the Attributes to which they are assigned. Manually allocated points can only be reset in exchange for Platinum after you leave the Attributes page!
If after manually allocating Attribute Points, the player still has some “free” Attribute Points, these will be automatically assigned according to the hero’s specialization, and the player can manually reassign these points at a later stage.

:!: Manual allocation of Attribute Points can be carried out immediately after starting the game (when the character is in the game world). Similar to the character creation screen in the “old” system, you can immediately manually reassign all the available points at the start of the game.

The next page in the new Hero menu concerns the Talents:

In Herokon Online there are (still) six Talent categories: Combat, Spells (only for characters who are versed in Arcane Lore), Physical, Nature, Social and Lore.

Most of these remain unchanged, apart from how points are allocated to them (we will explain this below). Important changes only occur in the categories “Combat” and “Spells”, so we will look at these now.
On the screenshot above shows the “Talents” page of the new Hero menu, and to the left you can see the “Combat” category has been selected.

:!: The main change is obvious: there are only three Combat Talents in the new system.
Every weapon in Herokon Online is handled using one of these three Talents: “one-handed melee weapons”, “two-handed melee weapons” and “ranged weapons”.
Heroes with a preference for one-handed swords would ideally invest Talent Points in “one-handed melee weapons”. The advantage here is that if, for example, the hero finds a very powerful rapier or one-handed axe, he can use that weapon as efficiently as his normal sword without having to invest Talent Points in other Combat Talents (i.e. as in the “old” system).

Talents can be increased with Talent Points. A new hero starts with a number of Talent Points and receives more every time he levels up. The Talent Points are automatically allocated to the primary and secondary Talents according to the specialization selected (similar to the Attribute page, Talents that have automatically been allocated points are indicated by a yellow marker).
Automatically allocated Talent Points can be manually reassigned to other Talents at any time. This happens in the same way as manually assigning Attribute Points.

More Talents will be available in Herokon Online in future updates.

:!: Important: Manually allocated points are fixed to the Talents to which they are assigned. Manually allocated points can be reassigned for Platinum once you have left the Talents page!

:!: Another important change is in the “Spell” Talents: Spells are no longer increased individually.
Each Spell falls into one of the four Talent categories of Spells (Damage, Properties, Influence, Manipulation), and increases one of these four Talents automatically increases all the Spells in that category.

More Spells will be added to Herokon Online in the future, and some of them will only be available at higher levels. A frustrating situation could arise in the “old” system, whereby a high-level mage could learn an interesting and powerful new Spell in his favorite category, but does not have enough Adventure Points to increase that Spell to a level where it would be effective enough to use against powerful enemies.

In the new system the recently learned Spell will be as efficient as all his Spells in the same category (based on the Spells Talent), so he can immediately use the new Spell against powerful adversaries. :thumbup:
In addition, automatic Talent Point allocation works the similar to every other Talent category or for Attribute Points: points are allocated automatically according to the specialization selected and the player can manually reassign them to different Talents once.

In the next article we will show you the new pages for Special Abilities, Spells, Achievements and Equipment.
- Nom rogolrun Barobarabba! -


Thursday, October 17th 2013, 3:12pm

Citizens of Aventuria!

In this third and last article about the new Hero menu, we will show the new pages for Special Abilities, Spells, Achievements and Equipment. 8)

As previously, there are four categories for Special Abilities: General, Melee Combat, Ranged Combat and Magic. The category can be selected in the menu to the left.

The “Ability Trees” of the selected category are displayed to the right of the page. If the trees are too large to be shown in full, you can move the tree around using “click, hold and drag”.

The page for Spells works in exactly the same way: here you can select Spell categories on the left, and Spells can be viewed on the right.

:!: As explained in the article regarding Talents, Spells are no longer increased individually: when the hero is versed in Arcane Lore just can simply learn them. They can be increased by raising the Spell Talent of the category of the Spells (on the “Talents” page).
Special Abilities and Spells can still be learned from tutors in the game, but in the new system learning does not cost points, but gold.

Players can view their Achievements on the next page:

The page is structured like the other pages in the Hero menu: on the left players can select categories and on the right players can view the Achievements they have obtained and their progress in Achievements that have not yet been gained.

The last page in the new Hero menu is the new Equipment and Inventory page:

Basic stats for the hero, which may change with different equipment, are shown on the left.
Players can use the mouse to rotate a large 3D image of the hero in his current equipment in the center of the page, and the columns to the left and right show his current equipment.

The hero’s Inventory is on the right.
The changes on this page are mostly in the graphics, but in the new version players can purchase up to 350 Inventory slots (on 10 pages).

There is one new feature: players can now view the equipment currently worn by the other players in the game by selecting the player and using an extra button in the game UI.

As you can see, a number of things have changed in the new version, and not every detail can be fully explained here. However, entry into the game will now be much easier for beginners and players new to “The Dark Eye”, and they may find they don’t need the explanations above! :thumbup:

Enjoy playing “The Dark Eye” – Herokon Online! :thumbsup:
- Nom rogolrun Barobarabba! -

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