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Wednesday, August 28th 2013, 10:39am

Patch Notes

Hello citizens of Aventuria!

Today´s patch brings a long-awaited feature into Herokon Online:
We are happy to announce that organized hero parties have been implemented! :thumbsup:

From now on you can combine your efforts with other heroes in hunting and exploration of dark secrets (more about those a bit further below). Loot will be automatically shared out to party members (with a background roll of virtual dice) and experience will be allocated depending on the individual party members' levels.
Furthermore, a new party chat channel is available, and another chat channel for heroes looking for a group (lfg).

One special party dungeon has been available in the game already (the Angrosh Sanctum below Durum Lorgolosh) and with the party feature available now, a second party dungeon is available in the game, where your party can explore the "Plague of Orok Narai".

Travel "quests" between regions are available when your hero is member of a party, and while you wait for a party member travelling to your position, you can do daily quests (from your quest journal) in the meantime. Party quests will be available soon.

We have implemented a few new locations in the game as well (you will need to get to Orok Narai somehow). 8)

Another part of the game we have been working on is the user interface: we know that most of you particularly like the depth of the content in Herokon Online (as in quests with decisions, hidden solutions, alternative endings, and all the interwoven stories of Aventuria's NPC inhabitants) but there have been voices as well being annoyed by too many ambient dialogues.
Dialog windows are better readable now, and we tweaked the ambient dialogue mechanics so those should pop up a little less often and a bit more "naturally".
Map icons have been improved, and friends (on your friends list) and party members will now be easier to find on maps and on the instance menu.

Of course we put in some repairs and optimizations into the new version as well: as usual, reported quest bugs were fixed and we put some more work into technical optimization of the engine.

Finally we have (again) hidden a little item in the game, that players had been requesting for quite some time.

Have a lot of fun, enjoy the excitement and (if you feel so inclined) classic role-playing with the new features and content! :thumbup:

- Hero Party feature implemented
- Parties are "semi-permanent": even if all party members are logged out, a hero stays member of a party until he either leaves the party or is kicked out
- Heroes who are party members can use travel "quests" between regions and do daily quests (alone); party quests will be available soon
- Commonly achieved loot and experience is shared automatically between party members: loot is automatically allocated (using a virtual roll of dice in the background), experience is shared depending on individual members' levels: the higher your level (as compared to levels of other party members), the bigger your share
- Party chat channel implemented
- "Looking for group" chat channel implemented
- "Travel to party leader" feature available on the region map if the leader is in the same region as you are
- New locations
- New party dungeon "Orok Narai"
- Minimum levels for travel "quests" between regions were raised: Baliho - level 8, Andergast - level 12, Trallop - level 16

User Interface:
- Dialogue design improved for better readability
- Better mechanics for ambient dialogue (better timing and better handling of textbox clipping)
- Improved visibility of friends (from friends list) and party members on minimap (friend=green dot, party member=white dot)
- Instance menu shows friends (green shield) and party members (white shield) in instances
- Improved map symbols

- Party Feature implemented
- Technical optimizations for better performance with different browser/hardware combinations
- Causes for some Flash error message were repaired

Selected Fixes:

- Background stories on hero menu will not be deleted any more on logout
- "Scouting" repaired

- Reworked quest "Dubious Business"
- Quest "Dragon Leather" should not block access to traders any more
- Dialogues in daily quest "Weapon Smuggling" corrected
- Daily Quest "Where is Kelat?" can be finished
- Quest "The Cursed Cog" can be finished
- Archers should now be able to have quest mobs counted when they kill them in the quest "The Mystery of The Bone Club"
- Duplication of NPC "Cemos" in the daily quest "The Murder Plot" repaired
- Extra items collected for the quest "Prime Cuts of Pork" stay in inventory after resolving the quest
- Quests "Treasure Hunt" and "The Knight's Final Journey" cannot be active at the same time any more
- In the quest "The Five Fairy Stones" only one old Tree Dragon should now appear
- Nom rogolrun Barobarabba! -

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Wednesday, September 11th 2013, 4:40pm

Hotfix 2013-09-11

A technical glitch that could cause problems at login and location changes in game was repaired.
- Nom rogolrun Barobarabba! -


Thursday, October 17th 2013, 2:07pm

Patch Notes October 17, 2013

Citizens of Aventuria!

Today´s patch brings a lot of change into Herokon Online! :thumbsup:

A new character creation mechanics is implemented to provide an easier start into the game, and character progression is updated for better balance between different professions.

Every hero can select a "specialization", that helps him distribute points to avoid weak character builds, but players who like to optimize and individualize their characters manually can still do that by manually distributing points.

On top of that a new beginner region was implemented: the "Newal Valley".
in this region newly created heroes will make their first experiences and find the beginning of the new meta plot.

Enjoy the experience of Aventuria in the new Herokon Online! :thumbup:

Patch Notes:


- Hero creation and hero development was rebuilt
- New feature: "Specializations" (click here for info )
- Adjustments for better balance between different professions: Generation Points and Adventure Points were removed, Talent Points and Attribute Points implemented, basic character stats increase automatically with level ups

- New beginner region: "Newal Valley" (between Tutorial and Griffinsford, connected to Griffinsford port)
- More new Locations

- New quests and daily quests
- Meta Plot leads now from Tutorial through the new "Newal Valley" into Griffinsford; to be continued... :)
- New quest feature: interactive objects
- Some changes in quests

- Adjustment in Combat Talents: pooled into 3 Combat Talents for all weapons (One-Handed, Two-Handed, Ranged)
- Adjustment in Magic system: Spells are not individually increased any more, but will rise when the related Arcane Talent is increased
- Adjustments in many special abilities and spells for better balance
- Only one Attributo spell can be active at the same time on any hero

- Merchant menus adjusted: new "sell" button, tool tips adjusted
- Trainer menus adjusted: Special Abilities and Spells cost only gold, no points

- Extended inventory: up to 350 slots can be purchased

User Interface:
- New Hero Menu
- New and adjusted tool tips
- New mouse cursor when pointing at interactive objects in quests

- Technical adjustments on many user interface elements for better performance
- Technical changes in many areas of the game (see "Content")

- Causes for Flash Errors on some browser/hardware combinations were fixed
- Flash Errors in PvP were fixed (arenas in Griffinsford, Andergast and Trallop reopened)
- Nom rogolrun Barobarabba! -


Wednesday, October 23rd 2013, 11:01am

Hotfix October 23, 2013

Content of today´s hotfix:

- Bug in reset of "daily quests" resolved
- Causes for some Flash-errors resolved
- Display bug in Arcane Resistance resolved
- Merchant menu bug resolved
- Flash-error after using Arcane power in party combat resolved
- Action bar bug after starting a battle using a special ability combination resolved
- Item stacking bug resolved
- Nom rogolrun Barobarabba! -


Wednesday, November 6th 2013, 12:00pm

Patch November 6, 2013

Citizens of Aventuria!

The focus of today´s patch is on fixes for Flash-errors and improvements in performance and stability (please understand, that these improvements apply to certain browser/hardware combinations only).

Human heroes get an additional Attribute Point in the new version to match race-specific advantages of dwarves and elves.
The additional point is distributed automatically: Warriors and Rogues get an extra point in "Courage", Mages an extra point in "Dexterity".

Resetting manually distributed Attribute Points and Talent Points will stay free of charge for some more time.

- Updates and fixes in the main plotline
- One new weapon model available to player heroes
- Some updates on items

- One additions attribute point for human heroes (cannot be distributed manually)
- Additional extra items for newly created heroes: 1 Mount, 10 Gold, 3 Tsas Resurrection, 5 Potions
- Some minor changes in specialization details

- Quests cannot be started while hero is member of a party (all currently available quests are solo quests)

User Interface:
- Many new graphical icons in the user interface
- New info-"Post-Its" in the tutorial
- Harmless animals are shown on the map as yellow dots
- Tooltips in premium inventory added

- Fixes for Flash errors reported since last patch
- Performance and stability improvements for different browser/hardware combinations

Enjoy Aventuria in Herokon Online! :thumbup:
- Nom rogolrun Barobarabba! -


Thursday, November 14th 2013, 3:17pm

Hotfix November 14th, 2013

Updates with today´s hotfix:
- A bug that could lead to server problems with high numbers of players online at the same time was fixed
- Travel "quests" can be accepted when hero is member of a party
- Only daily quests for the region where the hero is located should be available
- Daily quests should not be offered repeatedly any more
- Nom rogolrun Barobarabba! -

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Wednesday, November 20th 2013, 6:33pm

Patch Notes November 21st, 2013

Citizens of Aventuria!

In this patch we (again) concentrate on fixes and performance and stability optimization.
Furthermore it includes a few user interface updates, a new headware model and a new arcane spell! :thumbup:

- New headwear model (available for all races female/male)
- New arcane spell

- Regeneration rates rise between combat situations
- Targeting oneself is not possible anymore

User Interface:
- New skin for options menu
- Defeated enemies are visible on minimap
- Domestic Animals and objects are not visible on the map any more
- Tooltips in trader menus improved
- Perception radius is now visible on location maps

- Additional (low quality) graphics mode for low performance platforms
- Performance and stability optimizations for different browser/hardware combinations

- Possible causes for a number of Flash errors on different browser/hardware combinations fixed
- Quest enemies killed by "Death Blow"-DoT are correctly counted for concerned quests
- AsP-Regeneration bug fixed
- Possible exploit in a quest fixed
- Cause of rare graphics bug "Moonwalk" fixed
- "Perfect Epee" values fixed
- A possible teleport bug was fixed
- Causes for "stuck" Special Abilities fixed
- Quest markers and quest arrows fixed
- Decimal Places in arcane items should be correctly calculated
- Premium item stacking bug fixed
- "map opening bug" in trader menus fixed
- Nom rogolrun Barobarabba! -

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Wednesday, December 4th 2013, 1:30pm

Patch Notes December 4th, 2013

Citizens of Aventuria!

Very soon a wealth of new content will become available in Herokon Online. In preparation for that once more we concentrate on fixes with the current patch.

Nevertheless, a number of new things will be available with this patch: a nice new "Dust Coat" clothing model, many new achievements, many new and improved tooltips, some graphical improvements of the user interface and many more detail updates. :thumbup:

- New clothing model "Dust Coat"
- Many new combat achievements
- Daily Quest selection improved
- New shop feature: "Change Daily Quest selection"

- Aggro mechanism improved (enemies near attacked enemies will react as well)

User Interface:
- Many new and improved tooltips
- Grapical updates in the user interface
- Dialog windows improved
- Dialogs can be scrolled using mouse wheel
- Experience bar tooltips improved
- Quest display improved

- Automatic grapics quality scaling improved
- Performance optimization for different browser/hardware combinations

- Causes for some possible Flash errors on different platforms fixed
- Cause for some clipping errors fixed
- Bug in ""First Trip to Griffinsford" quest fixed
- Bug in "Throw Down" special ability fixed
- Bug in "Wrath of the Elements" spell fixed
- Bugs in "Perception" talent fixed
- Possible cause for blocked actions from action bar fixed
- Bug "blurred portraits" fixed
- Clipping bug with chests fixed
- Enemy life bar bug fixed
- "Dead enemies shown as alive" bug fixed
- "Repeated death" bug (after leaving map in the moment of death) should not occur any more
- Astral potions fixed
- Some item graphics bugs fixed
- Some quest logic bugs fixed

Enjoy exploring Aventuria in Herokon Online! :thumbup:
- Nom rogolrun Barobarabba! -


Wednesday, December 18th 2013, 2:46pm

Patch Dec. 18th, 2014

Citizens of Aventuria!

Today´s patch, the last regular patch in 2013, ends a year that brought many updates and extensions in Herokon Online. :thumbup:

- All hero and enemy models were successfully updated to 3D-Models with high detail and real-time light and shadow and with many new and improved animations.
- Hero creation and development mechanics were updated in preparation for the combat system update.
- Many new lovingly handpainted locations were added to the game world and filled with interesting NPCs, dangerous enemies and varied quests including decisions and hidden bonus content.
- Hero party mechanics and 2 additional dungeons for hero parties were implemented (Durum Lorgolosh for intermediate and Orok Narai for advanced level hero parties)

Very early in 2014 an exciting contet expansion will come into the game, and with the current patch we have added an all-Aventurian travel map to the location and region maps, which provides a better scope for things to come in Herokon Online. :thumbup:
"Behind the scenes" we continue working on the combat update, optimizations and fixes, of course.

- New travel map of all Aventuria (see details under "User Interface"), available by "Zoom"-button on the regular map
- "Amulet of the sun" has only +1 MR from today

User Interface:
- Graphical update of map icons
- New Feature: All-Aventurian travel map
- Direct travel between available regions is now possible using the Aventuria travel map
- Instant travel within regions without teleport to selected important locations in every region available
- "Transversalis Teleport"-scroll changes to "Transversalis Teleport Area Teleport" and can be used to instantly port to any known location in the region where hero is located.
- Travel companions are renamed to "Fast Travel I", "Fast Travel II" etc.

- Technical optimizations for better perfoemance on different browser/hardware combinations
- IMPORTANT: Facebook registration users only:
Facebook accounts with E-Mail switched off can lead to Herokon Online accounts being marked as "unconfimed". Accessing the game is not possible with an unconfirmed account from 7 days after account creation.
If that happens to your account with facebook registration, please open the Herokon Online account settings, enter your correct e-mail-address and confirm the automatic confirmation mail sent to that address. When that is done, logging into the game should work again.

- Loot window bug fixed
- Notifications should be visible in all screen size settings
- Possible Exploit on character defeat fixed
- blurred icons in overflow inventory fixed
- Special Ability "Long Shot II" bug fixed
- Arcane Talent category should not be visible any more in hero menues of non-magic-users
- "Beastmaster" achievement bug fixed
- Several quest bugs fixed

The Herokon Online team wishes relaxed holidays and a good start into the new year 2014! :thumbup:
- Nom rogolrun Barobarabba! -


Wednesday, January 8th 2014, 4:13pm

Patch Jan. 8th, 2014

Citizens of Aventuria!

The first update of the new year is packed with new game content for Herokon Online. We’re very pleased to unveil the newest region of Aventuria for you to explore: the city of Thorwal is opening its gates at last! And to make sure that high-level characters can get the most out of their northern expeditions, we’ve also raised the level limit five levels, all the way up to 45!

There are two ways to get to Thorwal. Either you earn enough ducats to buy a ticket from one of the derographers who you’ll find in the older regions (like on Royal Road in Griffinsford) or you can unlock the region with a Platinum purchase via the world map.
The same now applies to all other previously undiscovered regions on the world map: you can unlock them with ducats or with Platinum.

But take heed—your character will need to have at least the minimum level required to travel to the new regions. If your character doesn’t meet the level requirements, the required level will be indicated on the map. For instance, Thorwal requires at least level 25.
However, you can unlock the regions before you’re able to travel to them—as soon as you reach the required level, you’ll be able to travel there.

You’ll be able to buy maps for the regions from derographers in exchange for ducats starting five levels before you reach the minimum level. The same conditions apply here: you can unlock a region after buying its map, but you can’t travel there until you reach the minimum level.

Since the development of Thorwal is ongoing, we’re currently offering it for an amazing discounted price, regardless of whether you pay in ducats or Platinum. This prize includes all further expansions of Thorwal that will be unlocked by purchasing the region in the future.

Regions that your character visited before this expansion will continue to be available for free.

  • The city of Thorwal can now be visited. A large selection of new maps, quests, NPCs and new equipment and items await travellers.
  • The level limit has been raised from 40 to 45.
  • New foes now threaten Aventuria (risso, white stalkers, ore elementals, trolls, krakenewts, stags)

User Interface:
  • New tooltips have been added to the character sheet UI.
  • When using purchased region maps, the world map now opens and displays the region that has been unlocked.

  • Bugs preventing characters from logging in: fixed
  • Bug causing the incorrect level to be displayed on the loading screen while traveling: fixed
  • Quest fix: “A Dream Come True – with Dragon's Blood” rewards now correctly distributed
  • Quest fix: “Revelations” can now be completed
  • Quest fix: “Mob Rule” problems with the amulet have been resolved
  • Steppe spider loot has been corrected
  • Bug enabling character to learn special skills twice has been fixed
  • Bug enabling multiple invitations for characters has been fixed
  • Occasional problem opening the NPC shop has been resolved
  • Conflicts between the world map and miniquests have been resolved
  • Bug resulting in death when switching maps: fixed
  • Reserve backpack bug: fixed
  • Character regeneration problems: fixed
Ich hab da ein Problem...

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Wednesday, February 19th 2014, 2:26pm

Patch Feb. 19th, 2014

Citizens of Aventuria!

Our latest update brings you a whole slew of new content that will make the world of Herokon Online even bigger and more exciting than ever! :thumbup:

Thorwal gains two new locations (Daspota and Bodir Valley) full of new things for your heroes to see and do (and fight). In Trallop there’s a brand-new group dungeon to explore—a bloodcurdling surprise awaits you at the end. And we’ve also expanded the main quest series with two new quests that will send your chosen heroes to a new, never before seen location. And of course, we’ve also unlocked all kinds of quests in all sorts of other locations for you and heroes just to keep you on your toes.

Besides all the content updates, we’ve also been hard at work on features both old and new. Now you can invite new friends to Herokon Online via your buddy list—and earn yourself a nice reward. We installed a new chat client, added new heroic deeds, and a whole lot more... :thumbup:

- New locations in the Thorwal area: Daspota and Bodir Valley (recommended for experienced heroes)
- New group dungeon “Cursed Goblin Cave” in Trallop with new (hidden) boss
- Two new enemy models
- New hat model (available for experienced heroes in several versions—if you prove worthy)
- New boot model (can be earned in combination with a special surprise within the main quest series)
- New locations (within the main quest series) in Newal Valley and in Griffinsford
- New quests in several areas
- New rewards for heroic deeds
- Possibility to invite friends and get rewards for doing so
- New rewards in the Wheel of Phex
- Updates to all equipment items and weapons on the “Dragon” material level, moonvelvet, sheep leather, dwarven steel
- The “Destiny Points” concept has been removed from the game (remaining Destiny Blessings can still be used, but only yield buffs)

User Interface:
- New chat interface with separate chat tabs (as in typical chat programs)
- Links to the following sites are automatically clickable: Herokon Website, Herokon forum, Adobe (maker of Flash), Herokon fan wiki, Wiki Aventurica
- New Heroic Deeds menu with the possibility to pick up rewards for completed heroic deeds whenever you want
- Ducats and Platinum are now displayed on the lower right of the user interface
- Improved level up visualization
- When completing quests in the main quest series, the quest giver symbol will now appear gray (instead of blue) as in other quests

- New, more stable chat
- Optimizations for better performance on various browser/hardware combinations
- Causes of certain Flash errors in certain browser/hardware combinations have been fixed
- Improvement of software mode graphics (this allows the game to be played on some unsupported technical configurations with the lowest graphics settings)

- Fixed bug when using two weapons
- Fixed error on MR when carrying items with bonuses
- Merchants now display the comparison item carried on their bodies again
- Requirements for the “Beetle Tamer 3” heroic deed have been corrected
- Fixed display error affecting female dwarves with “Hyggelik’s Winged Helmet”
- Fixed bugs affecting certain item effects
- Fixed bug affecting travel costs within the area of Andergast
- Fixed email activation bug
- Cause of the rare “death when changing area” bug found and fixed

New and Updated Quests:
Power Games
Hero’s Steel
Still Waters Run Deep
The Missing Hero
The Secret of the Deed
The Prism
Sharing the Burden
Seed Thieves
In Pursuit of the Winged Creatures
The Margravine’s Caravan
Griffinsford Gold Juice
The Beacon
Eminent Guests
Treasure Hunt
Help My Father
Globomong’s Servants
A Simple Task
The Draug
Dead Man’s Hand
Voracious Worms
A Feast
Map of the Stars
Octopod Horror
The Restless Souls Are Coming
It Will Never Happen to Me
Buried in the Sand
The Master Smith
Good Advice Doesn’t Come Cheap
A Lyre for the Bard
Tairach’s Shrine
The Cursed Cog
No Loose Woman
Is This A Dream?
The Old Codex
The Stolen Groom
The Fire of the Sun
Dragon Heart
Hidden in the Swamp
Sinister Business
The Strange Newt
Swan Song
Orvil Garsson’s Treasure
Murderous Unicorn
Stony Witnesses
The Newt Master
Armies from the Dingy Depths
Difficult Delivery
Missing Magister
The Broken Millstone
Hard Shell
Troll Rage
Stalking the Stalkers
The Big Haul
The Phial of Eternity
Theft of the Waterworks
White Pelts and the Pot of Sugar
Black Ice
Tairach’s Power and Nagrach’s Role
Tanmaurek, Trolls and Tentacles
Rondric’s Gifts
The Heroes’ Banquet
The Optolith
The Web of the Spider God
The Contraband
Scorched Earth
Novice Missing!
Children in Need
The Boswitz Curse
The Warning
Unwelcome Reminder
Evil Intentions
The Fruit of Battle
A Dream Come True – with Elf Ears
A Dream Come True – in a Dwarf’s Beard
Floating Death
Save the Children
Mob Rule
Copper Curse
Dwarven Craftsmanship
Rolling Heads
The Massacre
Itchy and Scratchy
Dragon Leather
The Proud Night
Grana’s Experiments
Old Ham
Four Horseshoes and a Funeral
Black on Gray
The Beast of Joborn
The Oakport Poachers
Old Stones
The Taming of the Sow
Cattle Epidemic
Whore’s Gold
Druid’s Revenge
Lost in the Woods
Rahjadear and the Pirates
A Hearty Meal
Fear of Death
A Ghastly Vision
Horror in the Mist
Sawn and Sold
- Nom rogolrun Barobarabba! -

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Wednesday, February 26th 2014, 11:07am

Updates 24.2.2014 and 26.2.2014

Update 24.2.2014:
- Bug that could cause "character stuck" in Shop Info screen was fixed

Update 26.2.2014:
- System messages are shown in all channels, but do not cause the channel buttons to flash
- Number of unread chat messages are still shown after location change
- Chat scrolling issues fixed
- Clickable link format in chat improved
- Technical optimizations
- Nom rogolrun Barobarabba! -


Thursday, March 20th 2014, 2:30pm

Patch 2014-03-20

Hello Citizens of Aventuria!

Today´s patch adds new locations, quests and enemies, and the first two levels of the new group dungeon under the "Old Ugdalf" in Thorwal's Foreign Quarter (recommended for very experienced hero parties) including another hidden fearsome boss enemy can be explored!
Furthermore we enhanced the new chat with community feedback (and added a few extra features), and rebuilt the friends list feature: It can now contain an unlimited number of contacts and confirmed friends, and an ignore list is available now.
As usual we packed a number of minor optimizations and fixes into the patch as well.

Enjoy the new version!

* New group dungeon "Dungeon under Old Ugdalf" in Thorwal for very experienced hero parties (two levels)
* New Aventurian locations in Thorwal
* New enemy models
* New quests in Thorwal

* Loot tables of some enemy types in Thorwal enhanced with community feedback (some enemies will drop more and better loot)
* Experience Points per level were adjusted with community feedback: In lower levels progression is a bit faster than before, while near the level cap progress is a bit slower.

User Interface:
* New Contacts Menu:
* Lists are not restricted to 50 names any more
* Contacts and friends are managed accountwide (all existing contacts are automatically merged on all heroes)
* Current location (in the game world) of unconfirmed contacts is not shown any more
* Confirmed friends can see your account name
* Friendship requests can be sent and received. Players can see any online hero on a confirmed friend's account.
* Ignore List (ignored characters cannot send you friendship or group requests and their chat messages are suppressed in your chat)
* Achievement "Philathropist" removed, as contacts are now accountwide (heroes who already got the title can keep it)

* Chat enhancement:
* Space-saving, dynamic display of chat channels
* Chat channels are color-coded
* New button for pooling all switched-on chat channels in one view
* Further optimizations of the chat interface

* Additional User Interface enhancements

* Improved tooltips

* Possible bug in account registration fixed
* Possible bug in item stacking fixed
* Possible causes for a number of Flash errors fixed

New and Updated Quests:
* Floating Death
* Druid's Revenge
* Exchange of Assets
* Wolves of Darkness
* The Last Wish
* Rahjadear for Geschmine
* The Shortcut
* Abandoned
* Rolling Heads
* Black Ice
* The Woes of the Keeper
* The Stolen Deed
* First Trip to Griffinsford
* Cattle Epidemic
* The Treant King
* The Heroes' Banquet
* Hidden in the Swamp
* Scorched Earth
* The Proud Knight
* Tairach's Power and Nagrach's Role
* Hard Shell
* The Giant Orc
* Help My Father
* Pirate's Head
* Tree Dragon Heart
* The Draug
* The Optolith
* The Telescope
- Nom rogolrun Barobarabba! -


Thursday, March 20th 2014, 7:47pm

Update 20.3.2014

Update 20.3.2014
* Bug fixed that generated massively high amounts of ducats after merchant transactions
* Ducats received through this bug deleted
* Platinum Shop interface bug fixed

Update 21.3.2014
* Bug in overflow inventory fixed
* Bug in daily quest rewards fixed
- Nom rogolrun Barobarabba! -

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Tuesday, April 8th 2014, 2:30pm

Patch 2014-04-08

Dear Citizens of Aventuria,

in the current patch we concentrate on optimizations and bugfixes: our focus is on cooperative combat and group combat.
Readability and channel selection in chat was improved, the new weapon category "polearms" has Special Abilies available now, and interactive objects in the game world are now better visible in "medium" and "low" graphics quality setting.

And of course we implemented some challenging and funny new quests and daily quests.

Enjoy the new version!

* New quests and daily quests in Thorwal
* Exit of "Shadow Swamp" is better visible now

* Polearms can be used with Special Abilities now
* Interactive objects are better visible in "medium" and "low" graphics quality setting

User Interface:
* Chat: Improved readability
* Chat: Improved Channel selection
* Chat settings will be saved even if cookies are deleted
* Obsolete options menu option removed

* Bug in "Octor the Devourer" boss enemy fixed
* several possible causes for irregularities in cooperativ combat and group combat fixed

New and updated quests:
* The Golem
* Nidulf´s Ring
* Thorwal's Next Superwarrior
* Cattle Epidemic
* An Offering to the Lord of Light
* The Cattle Thief
* Poison in the Water
* The Mystery of the Bone Club
* The Fastest Crossbow in Baliho
* The Proud Knight
* A Test of Strength
* Building Plot Wanted
* Hidden in the Swamp
- Nom rogolrun Barobarabba! -